Friday, April 30, 2010

Anyone for cake

Happy Friday,this week had flown by .My card covers two challenges. 365 Cards - Day 60 -All That Glitters-Use 3 different colour glitters. My cupcakes and mug have pink,the leaves green and the centre of the flower white.

The Shabby Tea Room - Week 7 - Comforts of Home - To me this means home cooking,I can think of nothing better than the wonderful smell of cupcakes baking.I've just made a batch of ginger flapjack and the aroma is lovely.As soon as it hardens I will be tucking in.

The mug image is from Rusty Pickles ,all the other bits are handmade and from my stash.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just for Fun

365 Cards- Day 59 - Moving Parts- If you ever watched Rolf Harris painting you will know his catch phrase 'Do you know what it is yet' .I feel much the same about this bird.but he is a Turkey. He does have moving parts and he was fun to make and made me smile. Just for fun.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

With Love

365 Cards - Day 58 - Crazy 8's . The crazy part is 3 x 8. So I've got 8 letters in my sentiment,8 tiny pearls, and 8 tiny flowers which I made.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Celebrate a New Arrival

Just Cute Bears - Challenge 14 is a sketch.I've used this cute stamp which I won a few weeks ago at JCB. The clown buttons are part of a pack I bought about 6 years ago ( I never throw anything away) a couple of days ago I posted another card using the Bear and Rabbit buttons.

A possible second entry for Day 57 at 365 Cards. Baby inspired by the Ad.

Just Chillin

365 Cards -Day 57 - Ad inspired- The Ad shows baby quilts with Turtles on them . I love this chilled out turtle with his Peruvian hat, makes me smile.
The layout for this card comes from Our Creative Corner sketch 12.

Monday, April 26, 2010


It's Monday already,the weekends pass so quickly.I mentioned to my husband that I was on day 56 in the challenges and he was a little surprised I've entered them all as well as making a few other cards. If you've read my Blog before you'll know my lovely husband cooks at the weekends and lamb seems to be a favourite at the moment.Yesterdays dish was a lamb and plum curry,rather yummy. 365 Cards- Day 56 -Super Sketchy Sunday-A very simple card in pink and navy blue.This lovely paper is from my friend Jeanne in South Australia.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Catching up

I was out most of yesterday and didn't get the chance to make a card, so now I have two days together.

365 Cards - Day 54 -Fancy Folds- Joy Fold cards to be exact.

I've used some very busy paper which I think is fine on it's own.

365 Cards- Day 55 -On Pins and Needles -Use stitching and some pins.

I decide on a quick quilt using the sewing machine,along with small safety pins.The bear and the rabbit are buttons,I've cut the shanks off.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Love is

This card is for two challenges.

Moving Along With The Times- challenge 43 -Animals with a layout as well. I've substituted 3 pearls across the top instead of text.The cats are the main attraction here and I have only tinged their ears pink and a smidgen of grey on their tails.
365 Cards- Day 53 -Front, back and in between.Decorate all four sides of the card.
In the middle I punched all four corners of my insert. Very understated.

My stamp on the back.

Downhill Racer

Just Cute Bears - Challenge 13- One for the Boys.
I've gone for this fatty enjoying some ski time,but his feet must be freezing,pity he couldn't find bigger boots. The background paper is actually dark blue not black.I've used lots of chalk around the image to soften the edges.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time for Tea

This picture is the inspiration to make a card over at The Shabby Tea Room ,week 6 challenge.
I've used the basic layout from the card and used vintage type paper for the background and a fab teapot for my centre piece.

Save the Date

365 Cards- Day 52 -Save the Date. This cute little pirate is perfect for a boys play date.His boots and stripey head scarf have been printed out twice and raised on sticky pads.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birdhouse Cutie

I'm not sure why but the letter S on the card below looks black, it's green.

365 Cards- Day 51 -Tuesdays Trio .To use the colour Red, an Alpha sticker and a stamp of some sort.My Alpha sticker is the letter S which is actually green and the rest of the word is my stamp which is black and slightly smudged. A squiggly stamp for the post as well . The roof and the heart have been printed twice and raised for a 3D effect.

The image is from Hobby Paleis.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Digging Deep

365 Cards- Day 50 -Digging Deep.This is a case of using something you've had for more than a year,something given to you and something you had forgotten about. The background paper was given to me by my friend Jeanne over in South Australia more than a year ago.I've used a corner stamp to add a gentle image. I was looking through some beads for another project when I came across this old brooch ,I was probably going to repair it but never did and forgot all about it.This brooch is over 20 years old.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Something to read

I've managed to take a picture which chops off one side of the card. It's one of those silly long cards again, I always have trouble with them.

365 Cards - Day 49- Super Sketchy Sunday- My card doesn't look much like the sketch but it does have 3 circles and they all have something in the middle.
The Play Date Cafe- challenge 25- Colour Splash-Black,White with a little Orange.I love to use newspaper in card making and by adding some to this card it softens the black/white which can be harsh.

Spring Greens

The Shabby Tea Room -Week 5 - Hip to be Square -Use lots of squares to make a quilt effect.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New home

Well this is the last White Space challenge this week. We all need a pat on the back.

365 Cards Day 48 - White space. The sentiment on this card is from Cloud9 and they are called Rain Dots.I bought a pack with lots of words and small flowers .This is the first time I've used them and boy are they sticky and strong.Once I positioned them on my card that was it,I tried to re position the word Happy but I couldn't get it off.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

So Tweet

I've had plenty of practice this week with the White Space challenges and it isn't getting any easier. My brain is numb trying to find different things to put on my cards. 365 Cards - Day 47 - White Space .The birds are from a stamp set by Kaiser which I bought on Tuesday.I've tried eight of more times to stamp these birds and they are just awful.I won't be winning any prizes with this card that's for sure. The sentiment on the card below came from the same set it also has flowers and stems.

Friday, April 16, 2010


This is another very long slim card,a good shape for todays white space. 365 Cards -Day 46 -another White Space.I'm not sure about the lilac ink on the lilac paper.I've looked at everyone Blogs everyday during this White Space week and there have been some Fab cards.What a clever and creative lot you are.Have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love you Bear

Well it's another beautiful sunny day here in Tasmania and it's Thursday ,almost the weekend.As well as playing along with the 365 Cards everyday I am trying to fit in a few other challenges as well. It's not easy.
This cute little bear covers two challenges,
Just Cute Bears - challenge 12 - Flowers - I paper pieced the tulip twice and raised the second one on a sticky pad.
My Time To Craft - challenge 87 - Pretty Pearls . I've used mine to make a pin and edged the corner.
Looking at him I wish I'd paper pieced his feet and ear,maybe next time.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


365 Cards- Day 45 -Another White space I really like this White space,I was hoping to make the triangles mirror images of each other but when I looked in my black gems I didn't have two large ones the same shape. I'm thinking simple but effective.

Christmas or Manly

365 Cards - Day 44 -Another White Space. We have a whole week of white space.
I've been very good today and followed the instructions to the letter. I may not be so good the rest of the week,who knows.I've added lots of sparkle to this card but if the image was mounted on a check or tartan paper it would probably be OK for a male Birthday.The image was a freebie but I don't know its origin.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

White space

365 Cards Day 43 - White Space- the idea is to leave a space with out anything on it.As you can see below a very white space.

Now Gloria was very bad and put a Rabbit in her white space ,I've gone one step further and attached a butterfly and some flowers on thin strips of acetate and stuck them behind on the inside of the aperture if you know what I mean. The flowers and the butterfly are very glossy which is why the picture is a bit iffy.Not sure what setting I should have on the camera.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Red,Black and White

365 Cards -Day 42 Super Sketchy Sunday. I've already made lots of flowery cards over the past few days so I thought I would something different on the top corner.Would I make a small cupcake of perhaps a butterfly.I spent so much time messing about I just used a flower and now I've noticed I missed off the detail down the diagonal.I will take it away and put on some red ric rac.

I've tried several times to telephone my friend Jeanne today but could I remember the number,I've spoken to strangers,listened to answering machines. When I finally had the good sense to look on the computer for the number there was no reply.Sods Law I will ring her tomorrow.

Same but different

It wasn't intentional but this card is very similar to my last posting.
The Play Date Cafe challenge 24 - Plum ,Lavender and Cream. I love this lavender paper and wanted to show as much of it as possible. I cut two circles, punched out the flowers twice in cream and lavender,a couple of brads, a ribbon,and some lace.The sentiment was stamped with lilac ink.

G'day from OZ

The Aussie expression G'day seems appropriate when Blogging as we are all on different time zones.I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed some R & R.

Last week was very much highs and lows for me.The week started with a few low days of a bad headache .The highs ,a Ms Bright Side award from Jan ,a challenge win at Polka Doodles and a surprising e-mail from Daisy Doodles asking me if I would like to join the Design Team,the surprise being that I have only entered their challenges once.The end of the week was a low as an acquaintance of mine was found dead in her bed and had been there for a few days.I was shocked to say the least.We should all keep an eye out for neighbours who live alone.

Today has already started on a bright note with another challenge win at Just Cute Bears.Well the washing machine has just finished and it's time for a coffee so I'm off to do my housework.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blue for you

365 Cards - Day 41 -DIY - add glitter to blossoms. I kept my glitter very simple and just did the flower centres on the big blooms,a bit of glitter at each petal edge on the blue flowers.A glittery brad in the middle .At each side of the stem I made eyelets only to find I didn't have any blue ones.I've used gold ,they don't show up that much through the ribbon.

5 of each

365 Cards - Day 40 - Friday Five -that means 5 of all these things,flowers,buttons,papers colours and stamps of some sort.

My five stamps were 'With Love' , 'on' comes from a stamp with the word seasons I just inked the O and N,' You're' is another stamp,'Birthday' is another and the heart is my fifth.

My flowers are all patterned and different colours with plain centres and the buttons are all different.

Starry Bear

Just Cute Bears - challenge 11 - Colour combo of Yellow and Green.
I found this challenge blog a few days ago and couldn't resist making a card.I've had a look through all my images and found 8 or so bears so I should be able to play awhile without buying any new stuff.This image is from Hobby Paleis,the last time I used it I printed it out too big and silly me I've done it again.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Christmas in April,sorry.

Well the challenge was easy enough,I had some beautiful rub on borders in shades of pink and some fab flowers which were orange.Not a winning combination,so it had to be Christmas,sorry folks.
365 Cards - Day 39 - Totally Transferred - to decorate using rub ons only.The tree and the sentiments were on a sheet of Christmas rub ons from my local Woolworth store.The scraps of card were off cuts from other projects which is why the edge of the red card is missing.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

To sleep perchance to dream

Those clever people at 365 Cards really did make this one a challenge or so it seemed.After a few minutes I had a few options to go with. The topics were LOVE, POST as in letters etc.and MALE as in the opposite to female.The MALE one seemed to bring out my naughty side and it was definitely x-rated.In the end I choose SLEEP, we all need it
365 Cards- Day 38 -Acrostic poem . If you were buying bed linen as a wedding gift this card would be perfect.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Green

My posts have been short the last few days as I have had a bad migraine.I hope you all had a good Easter weekend.My lovely husband Steve cooked lots of scrummy,yummy food.He always makes breakfast and on Sunday he also made a delicious pizza for lunch ,not a store bought base,he patiently made his own.I was also indulged with a rich beery beef casserole with 4 types of beans for dinner.
Enough of that it's making me feel hungry and it's only 3.30pm.
365 Card-Day 37 -Terrific Taggies -Those little strips of folded paper down the side of my card.
My Time To Craft- challenge 86 -On the Spot- green spotted paper was magazine freebie.
The Shabby Tea Room- Week 4 - Embrace the White with one other colour.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Distressed quilt

365 Cards -Day 36 - I Quilt -Using the above as a guide make a card using this layout for the background.I love all this blue and chocolate paper,I didn't want to cover it up.All the edges have been distressed and inked.I made a torn paper flower, added a sentiment and a few pearls.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Blogger Trivia

Jan gave me a Ms Bright Side award.I have to tell 10 things that make me happy and then 5 bits of trivia. Jan makes beautiful cards,all elegant and fab colours,I pop along often to see what she has made.


1. My lovely husband Steve who makes me laugh everyday,he also makes me breakfast at the weekends.
2. Fur babies,I love animals,any size or shape.They make me smile.
3. The sound of the rain,the harder the better.We all need water to survive and grow.
4. The smell of the garden after the rain.
5. The parrots and other birds splashing about in the bird bath.I could watch their antics all day.
6. Good food.
7. Cooking something special for Steve.
8. My little car ,I lived in the Saudi Arabia for many years where women are not allowed to drive so my car is very dear to me.
9. A good book.
10. Hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows.( A rare treat)

1. I don't like liver or sprouts.
2. I love sweet things but don't have sugar in my tea or coffee.
3. I'm enjoy crosswords and trivia.
4. I hate shopping for clothes and shoes.
5. I 'm a complete idiot with the computer.

Spring colours

365 Cards- Day 35 -Super Sketchy Sunday- After the horrible colour choice yesterday I've used softer colours today. When I bought card blanks last week I picked these tall ones for a change,not sure if I like them or not.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A monster of a card

365 Cards-Day 34 -We have a colour theme to work with.

My first thought was balloons or kites of different colours.How I wish I had done one of those options, instead I created a bit of a monster.The colours are too bright and garish.The fence was printed out a second time and attached with sticky pads for a 3D effect.
The image is lovely and comes from Countless Joy

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blue is the colour

365 Cards - Day 33 - Whip stitch it around 3 sides of the card.
Polka Doodles- Week 13 -Birthdays- It's the birthday of a DT member Ruth and this is her theme. I was the lucky winner with my blue and brown entry two ago.Thanks.
Creative Inspirations- Challenge 54 -Sentiment Only, no stamped images.I can do that.
The Play Date Cafe- challenge 23- to use Blue as it's the favourite colour of Sarah.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Feed Me

When I want a quick and easy meal this one always hits the spot.I like it to give a real punch,yummy. You can always find a bag of cooked rice in my freezer.
365 Cards - Day 32 - Recipe Card. A favourite for lunch or a light evening meal.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Holidays

To all my friends,fellow Bloggers ,card makers and crafters alike Happy holidays.I would like to say a Thank You to all the 365 Card crafters who leave such lovely comments about my creations.This week I was picked in the top three by the kind team at 365 for one of my cards, thanks ladies.

You can never have too much cake

365 Cards- Day 31 - All mixed up. Take an image,leave part of it White,colour a part of it and paper piece yet another section.
Creative Cottage- -challenge 4 - Pretty Pink
It 's quite difficult to find something that splits up into 3 but this image from Lily-Boo's works a treat. I bought a lot of their images some time ago but I rarely use them as I think the quality is not very good.