Monday, December 24, 2018

Little bird version 2

 After my first real attempt at multiply stamping on patterned paper I decided it was worth a second try. I picked a paper with just a hint of a pattern and then went mad with multiple stamps - all shown below


 I used 9 different stamps - a gold stamp pad and a white gel pen. I'm not sure it's  quite right but I am getting better with practice.

keeping it simple

 My husband makes fun of me  - in the nicest possible way - food should always taste yummy but it does no harm if it looks good as well - a simple can of vegetable soup - I always add a drizzle  of cream or crème fresh or yoghurt add then a sprinkle of paprika - picture perfect. Have a look in your fridge and at your spices next time you open a can of soup.

It would be lovely if I had a big freezer -I would make my own soups - I do like to make savoury flans ( who decides if it's a quiche or a flan ) I made 3 sizes - some have bacon - some have spinach and some have chorizo - the thing they all have is cheese - eggs and onion - I never fry the onions - I boil small amount of milk in pan -add the chopped onions and turn off the heat - I leave it to go cold then strain out the onion keeping the milk to add the eggs.

I also made a whole orange cake and to make a drizzle I boiled down some freshly squeezed orange juice along with a tablespoon of orange marmalade . I don't think this will around for very long - it is yummy.

Friday, December 21, 2018

A little bird

Most of my cards are very simple and also very boring - I don't added lots of flowers or bulky embellishments , I like things that are easy to post. I decided to have a go at stamping and shading onto patterned paper. I think this is a sheet from Graphic45 . I added the bird stamp and blue shading round the bird - the sentiment - white dots and the blue diamonds - I'm not sure if I should have added more but I quite like results .

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A few cards to use up my stash

I have no idea when I bought this 12x12 pack of Christmas papers, there are 5 patterned sheets and one with images to cut out-  it came from my local discount store. Some of the papers are a bit drab and some are fuzzy ,obviously badly printed. I can probably make quite a few cards with the good bits .
I chopped out the reindeer image and mounted it twice - on red then white cardstock - the bottom section of the card looked a bit empty so I punched a few shapes (stars,snowflakes , tiny trees ) from the same paper and glued them on.

The santa and the reindeer strip were cut from the image sheet and stuck on one of the background sheets. The white bits on the santa and the deer were a beige colour and didn't really stand out so I used a white gel pen to add a bit of contrast.

This stripey paper already had the baubles printed on it - I just cut out the Christmas stockings from the image sheet and added a sentiment .