Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fabric Flowers

365 Cards Day 19 -Imagine this -Cotton.

When I think cotton I think fabric because I enjoy sewing.My flowers are made from cotton print fabric and lace with a sparkly brad.
This is my second attempt at a card for this challenge so if you think this one is rubbish you should have seen the first one. It would be lovely if I could have a whole week when I liked all the cards I made.


♥♥♥Jan ♥♥♥ said...

It would be a SPECTACULAR week if we loved each and every card we made, wouldn't it !

You left me a note about my twinchie flowers. I used Bazzill paper as it was recommended and doesn't leave a white edge. Cut out about 6 flowers, with about six petals a piece, probably like most flowers you make. Or use a template. Make them different sizes, stack them, then punch a hole in the middle, and add a teeny brad, and stagger them. The stagger is important, as you can't make that up later. Then start spritzing them with water, and get it really wet, then scrunch up each petal into the middle, keep scrunching ! Keep spritzing too ! Scrunch until they are all squished in the middle, then start opening them very carefully. You will have a beautiful flower that will dry hard by morning. Oh, and be sure to use a LITTLE brad for the center, as the large ones tend to tear, or so I am told. Hope that will help, they are awfully easy, probably about 10 minutes start to finish. Have a good day !!

Kajikit said...

Your card looks just fine to me! :)