Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter bunny

This is very easy to make.I've used felt as it doesn't fray but you can use fabric if you over lock it well or iron it onto some interfacing.I sew mine by hand but you could use the sewing machine.

Once you have cut two of each pattern piece sew the inner ear pieces on to the head.
I sew the nose and mouth at this stage. I used a small piece of pink felt for the nose but sometimes I just sew a nose with pink cotton.
Sew the 2 head pieces together leaving a small gap to add the filling.Once you are happy with the filling sew the gap up.I use black beads for the eyes but you could use buttons or just sew something quirky and cute.I use extra strong thread and once the bead is secure I take the thread right through the head to back and pull it tight to give a little shape.

Sew the 2 bodies together again leaving a gap to add the filling.The amount of filling is a personal choice but don't overfill.

The head is attached with a hot glue gun.Hold the body upright on flat surface with one hand ,balance the head against it so the rabbits chin is touching the flat surface.I only glue a section between the eyes and the nose to the body not the whole head.

Using the hot glue gun I attached a large fluffy tail.If you have some white wool you can make a pom pom.

My husband has a wicked sense of humour.I asked him If I should post the pattern for this little cutie ,he laughed and said you wouldn't know what is was. If you need to make something quickly for next weekend then 6 pieces are all that's needed.If you haven't all died laughing I will post the pattern and instructions tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Post away, that is the cutest little bunny, I love the monster tail you put on him, soooo cute!!