Friday, March 5, 2010

365 Cards days 1 to 4

Day 1 - Colour combo -Brown Beige,Red ,White and Blue. I bought a pack of these cute die cut cars way back in October and this is the first one I've used.

Day 2 - Silver,Pearl and Circle - The glove pattern is from a book on paper cutting which I bought from a local charity shop.

Day 3 - String Art-I hand cut the flower,rubbed chalk around the edges and then wrapped with thread. The stems and leaves are drawn by hand.

Day 4 - A sketch-White Space .Only the top corner and a band across the bottom.

I think I need to lay down for the rest of the day.I had the silly idea to join in this challenge and had to make 4 cards to get me up to speed. The bed isn't made,the floors not washed,I will have to run around and try to get my jobs done when I have finished this post. Having said all that I do like the cards I've made which makes a change,I usually want to throw them away.
365 Cards At a glance.
Day 1 - Colour combination of blue ,brown ,red, white and beige. I know my red bits look orange ,I will try and get a better piccie later.
Day 2- Circle,Silver,Pearl - You can see all these elements on my card.
Day 3 - String Art - I hand cut the flower shape and wrapped thread across it.
Day 4 - White Space - Only the top corner and a strip across were allowed.


Vicky said...

Wow! what a great set of cards! These are fabulous!

Kim said...

Great cards! way to go on catching up too!

Melanie said...

Your cards are awesome - TFS!

Judy said...

I like all the cards! Very nice!

Gloria Stengel said...

Ok, nice job. And I was LOL at you crafting instead of doing your "real" work. Join the club, missy. I have learned to not see dust, dirty laundry, or a messy kitchen. And dinner...that's cold cereal right?! hee hee

Pam said...

These are all wonderfully creative - well done!!

Anonymous said...

wow.. gorgeous set of cards .. so creative