Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Break

This was taken from a high viewpoint on our way from Queenstown .We were above the mist and the sun seems to be bursting through,an unusual pic.

Hogarth Falls in Strahan.

Plenty of crashing waves for the surfers.

The Gordon river was very calm and we took some great pics showing the reflections.

Sign at the ferry crossing.

I hope you all had a good break over the Easter weekend.We had 5 days so we went off to the North East of Tasmania ,most of which is a World Heritage area and very beautiful .We stayed in Stanley at the local Hotel where they serve excellent food and have very comfortable accommodation. We made our way further South to Corinna and crossed the Pieman River on small two car ferry,our final destination was Strahan were we stayed a few days. We took a six hour boat trip on the Gordon River which was both beautiful and interesting.We took a different route back home through Queenstown and the Great Lakes.

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Merry said...

What amazing scenery Gail..thanks so much for sharing the photos. So did you have to wake up the Barge Driver? Too funny.