Friday, January 19, 2018


 I stamped the butterfly twice - once on the blue vellum and a second time on pale green vellum- I trimmed the pale green cutting off the wavy edges on the wings - I then stuck it behind the blue vellum as you can see on the pic above - the dark splodges are where I glued them together - this was covered later with a green marker pen.

 -                                                                              extra fold for this challenge - disappointing pic as the vellum is the same colour green as the flowers on the side panels.

Butterfly challenge 93 - extra fold with optional peacock blue and green.


Jane Willis said...

Beautiful - the vellum makes the butterfly look so delicate and that fold really sets it off because it allows light to shine through the wings. Thank you for sharing at the Butterfly Challenge
Jane - guest designer

Mrs A. said...

This is gorgeous. I like that fold you have chosen and as Jane says the vellum really shows the two layers of the butterfly perfectly. Thankyoy for fluttering into the butterfly challenge. Hugs Mrs A.

Merry said...

So pretty and great fold card.