Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A sticky mess

 I'm not really a pink person but I knew I had an inkpad in my stash , what a mess the foam pad had
had gone all gooey - straight in the bin. It was hard to find a bright pink but the one I bought is called Hot Pink.

A smoosh of pink ink and then 3 stamps to create this simple card. I say simple but I threw away 6 previous attempts - all slightly different designs with a pink / grey / black colour combo - I didn't realise I had so much patience.

Butterfly challenge - 92 - O is for one layer and /or ultra pink.


Mrs A. said...

Your patience has rewarded you with a lovely one layer card. Feel very guilty though that you had to go and buy a new ink pad!. Thankyou for fluttering into the garden for this challenge. Hugs Mrs A.

terrie said...

You did a very nice job making this card...the pink center is done perfectly.
Thank you for posting your card on the Butterfly One Layer/Pink Challenge.

Merry said...

You did well to keep going,I would have given up. Lovely card.