Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Yummy Cookies -the non fattening kind

Do you have leftover scraps of felt and a few beads -turn them into something your little  girl will love . It goes without saying do not give them to very small children . The hearts are about 6.5 cm at the widest and the circles are 5.5 cm diameter . Cut two large shapes in a cookie colour and one small shape in a paler colour. Stitch the small shape to one of the large ones using blanket stitch .Decorate with beads or you could embroidery small flowers or shapes .Stitch the two large shapes together adding a small amount of stuffing - use whip stitch .

Here is the link from Pamela Susan.

Creative Craft Cottage - challenge 14 -  Use Fabric or Felt

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Merry said...

How clever these, they look yum. :-)