Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yummy cherries

I'm holding my breath ,sweaty palms  - am  I  having an anxiety attack - no  , just stamping directly onto my card - how I hate to do this - do I have enough ink on my stamp ? - do I have too much ? -

The cherry hearts and the ribbon are exactly the same colour as the spots on the paper - the hearts are on textured paper and the ribbon is very shiny - the camera doesn't really reflect how pretty this card is.

Scrapbook Boutique -  January challenge - Inspired by the above photo -  your project can be a card or a scrapbook page.


Lyn Wallan-Smith said...

Loving your card gorgeous colours. LOL to the anxiety related to stamping directly onto a card.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm hearing you Gail re stamping straight on a card! Scary stuff:) But it worked perfectly. Love the hanging hearts too.

Anonymous said...

I'm less stressed about it now (mostly) but my figuring is that I can always stamp it on another piece of cardstock and make a banner if I need to, once I decide that I seem to have no problems or... I have a black pen nearby lol. Love your fab design, Thanks so much for sharing with us at Scrapbook Boutique!