Sunday, May 9, 2010

3 Day Catch Up at 365 Cards

Day 67 - 3 L's - Lace,Love,Leaf. My flower is so shabby it's not chic any more.It looks as if I've been sitting on it.

Day 68 - 3 C's - Circle,Cross Stitch and the colour Cream. I've got Cream, Orange and Gold , an unusual combination but I quite like it.

Day 69 - 3 T's -Twine, Triangle , Tree. I went to my local craft shop yesterday and bought some beautiful double sided papers. I've used one of them above and will try and use the others this week. The colours are stunning and they have fab names.This one is called Polynesian Garden.

1 comment:

Carolyn V said...

Wow... these are great! I especially love the flower on the first one (!!!) and the colour combo on the 3 Ts (I LOVE Teal!) Great cards :D