Monday, June 7, 2010

Is It Me ,Who Knows

365 Cards -Day 95 -It's So You -A bit of a faded beauty that's rough around the edges.that describes my card and me.
I'm never sure what the time is in the USA so I have no idea if my cards for Friday and Saturday will be on time.


annieambriel said...

my dear.. such a lovely card.. Love the soft colours of the butterfly and fern.. and button fits in so snuggly.. :)
faded beauty.. hmm .. more like unpolished diamond... look forward to more beauties from you..

Great week ahead Gail :D

Pam said...

Very pretty!!

Julie Ranae said...

Beautiful card! Am now your newest follower...hope you will come over and visit at Julie's Open Window. I have a big giveaway happening for my followers coming soon : )