Thursday, February 4, 2016

Camera shy

10 days ago we took 5 year old Bella  into our home - she has the sweetest nature but really didn't want me to take her picture - I think her previous owners have been quite strict as she doesn't sit on the sofas -  only on your lap when invited for a cuddle - our bedroom door is open but she doesn't disturb us during the night for a cuddle or to play .

I have bought her a few cat toys so I hope we will see her personality come out  over the next few weeks.
I shouldn't complain ,  but I'm happy to be woken with a cold nose or a soft paw pushed into my face.

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KT Fit Kitty said...

Congratulations on your new kitty! She's so sweet and adorable! I love her! Tabbies are my favourite! What a beautiful coat she has! I also want to commend you on adopting an older cat instead of a kitten! I find the older they get, the more cuddlier and affectionate, so you're already half-way there! Enjoy your new fur-baby! Feel free to share more photos!