Monday, December 14, 2015

Have I been asleep for 2 weeks ?

In the middle of yesterday afternoon I suddenly realized it was the 13th of December and I really should get my overseas Chrimbo cards sent asap.A quick fix was needed so I decided on the above designs - I made just the three with bauble in different colours - only drawback there is glitter everywhere - I made 6 cards with the 2 owls and just 2 cards with the single owl - the craft room and the dining table were amass of inks ,punches -gems and glitter - I also  cut the card bases .By 11pm I  was ready for bed -cards finished- inserts done- in the middle of all this mess I made dinner and washed the dishes -I cleared all the craft stuff from the dining table so all was calm this morning. For some reason December just crept up on me quietly - I'm not usually so last minute -my Christmas cakes were made early October.

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