Monday, November 9, 2015

After the fun of making cat cards at the end of October, last week was back to jobs in the house- since we moved in I have had a " jobs to do list "  and like most people I never seem to get to those jobs right at the bottom of the list  -  I decided the best option would be to do a job from the top of the list followed by one from the bottom of list . This seems to be working OK  - last week I finished painting one of the spare bedrooms- this was a job from the bottom of the list- (can you believe it was all bright yellow -walls- ceiling and even yellow curtains)  - I've gone with good old crisp ,clean white - a blank canvas to add a few pictures-
I'm not good with technology but I can just about manage to scan and resize images so the above are a couple things to go on the walls - I used watercolour pencils. I should have taken out the glass to do the photos -  you can see my reflection in the glass.

On Tuesday I started  painting in the master bedroom and that's finished now as well - I put the newly cleaned curtains up yesterday and all that's left is to buy new lampshades for the bedside lights- a job from the top of the list.

 Next up is the hallway -another job from the bottom of the list and next the top job on the list - the lounge room- you can see how easy it is to work from both ends of the list and get everything done.

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Merry said...

Congrats on moving Gail. I have so much catching up in blog land. I do miss seeing everyones wonderful creations. Both of these pieces are so pretty and I really like the owl and the colours you have used.