Friday, October 30, 2015

Kitty cat

For more than 20 years cats played a big part in my life - I can think of nothing better than to snuggle up with a big ball of fur. Sadly since we came to Australia our home has been pet free - we are constantly told to keep cats indoors as they kill wildlife - cats are great explorers , I  wouldn't want to keep my cat confined so I'm on the lookout for an agoraphobic cat LOL.
The stamp is from DEEP RED and called FANCY CAT

Cat Lovers Hop over at Her Peaceful Garden
Incy Wincy Designs- my take on the above sketch


D.Ann C said...

Awww.... What a gorgeous cat stamp!
I'm sure some day you'll find the perfect house cat!

Karenladd said...

What an elegant cat stamp! She looks like she would prefer to stay indoors rather than scrounge around outside so all you have to do is look for a cat like this to live with you! Beautiful color combos and a fabulous card.

Davi said...

A beautiful card!! I love that Snazzy cat image and the pretty dps :)

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hello there! I am visiting from the Cat Lovers Hop! We keep all 3 of our cats indoors with no problem at all. The key is to get them as kittens before they've been outdoors. Then they don't know what they're missing! Here where we live (out in a rural area) it is the opposite scenario - the cats are the ones in danger when outdoors, so we want to keep them safe. Now about your card... I love this kitty! She has such a beautiful long tail and has such a regal look about her! You didn't mention the source of this stamp but it is adorable! I like your sketch too!

Lisa Lynn said...

I love your blue kitty. I have 3 Siamese cats and have always had indoor cats because we are in the city. They do just fine and are VERY spoiled.

mandysea said...

Oooh, then you'd love my cat! I hope you find an acrophobic cat ...I've never thought of it like that before - but you are right! That's exactly what I've got! Love your card... very fancy feline indeed!

vinita jain said...

This is such an artistic stamp cat image! Love the wonderful LO and color scheme! Happy fun hopping!

ike said...

That is a very stylish kitty on your lovely card :-) So sad about the Oz rule on cats isn't it. I would be devastated if I didn't have mine - all 15 of them :-D
Lovely to meet you on this Hop.

IKE xx

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Rebecca Yahrling said...

What a fancy cat! Love her! Love the whole design, too, it's very unique. Love the pretty colors you chose.

Bad Kitty said...

your card is super cute!
my Coffee is always inside and she constantly trying to go out. but I dont let her out without supervision.
have a nice day

C. M. Taylor said...

Congratulations on such a regal entry!

Jerrie said...

Your cat is looking very regal and beautiful in blue!! Nice job!!

Tami said...

Love the kitty and love the colors and layout. Great job Here from the cat hop

Janis said...

What a very classy cat! Love your combination of patterns and colors. Just beautiful.

I hope you are able to get a cat sometime soon. Most of my cat tribe lives outside and they do catch birds sometimes, but mostly they hunt mice and voles. We never have any trouble with mice getting in the house!! Nor does my next-door neighbor! :) I am guessing that you'd be able to raise a kitten inside-only and it would be very content. Lots of toys will give it the exercise and hunting-play it needs.
Thanks so much for linking up at the Cat Lovers Hop!!!
<3 J

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