Wednesday, December 24, 2014

happy holidays

I usually make a card for my blog at this festive time but as you can see I've only managed to upload an image . My last 3 post have been scheduled as I had an operation on my right hand in mid November - the bandages will come off mid January - seriously I can not wait for that day - my left hand seems to have a mind of it's own  ,my brain sends the message but it's gets scrambled along the way - so - no HO HO HO but OUCH OUCH OUCH - not only the pain in my right hand but all the damage I can inflict with the left hand - you have to laugh.

Thank you all for your support and kind comments throughout the year. Have a safe and happy holiday.

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Ros Crawford said...

Hello Gail! My I've just taken a look at your previous creations and what beautiful cards they are!!

You asked about a printer ... well mine is a Canon MP560 (printer and scanner in one) I've had it a while now and never encountered a problem. Before buying a printer I ALWAYS check the price of inks ... I've used compatible inks for years without any problem and I can get them really cheap for this printer. No point buying a cheap printer if the inks cost a fortune! With regard to fabric ... I temporarily adhere it to card and send it through the printer that way ... so far it's worked for me. Hope this helps

Have a wonderful New Year!