Wednesday, December 4, 2013

a card for my MIL

My MIL has a birthday in December and each year I faithfully make a card . I don't know if she likes the cards or if she thinks a shop bought card would be better . I never speak to her so I just get a 'thank you ' passed on via facebook.
I made the card at the top thinking delicate soft colours ,perfect for an older person . My DH said it was drab .
A bit of decoupage was next on my list but no DH didn't like that one either.
I did stitched  flowers and leaves in oranges and greens ,that never got even got made into a card as DH didn't like the colours.
I went really bold with the pink ,black and gold - teacups on foam pads - a bit tacky -DH quite liked this .

First place went to the owl and it's now winging it's way to the UK.Have I strangled him yet - no  - given the choice I would love to know which card my MIL would have picked ,if any.
Perhaps I should start now on the choice for next year.

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Merry said...

What a lovely lady you are to keep trying until yo got it right for DH. Although I think she would have really loved any of the cards. Well I would have. :-)