Thursday, March 14, 2013

On Saturday my computer crashed so it's been in   the ER all week , the doctors have done a good a job .The patient has survived but only just,some memory loss has occurred and lots of new bits have been installed.I will get my computer back on Friday but won't be up and running for a couple of days.

Update ; well I'm back up and running but I have lost all my music ,games and craft stuff . The music and games and I can live without but the craft stuff is another matter, all the lovely images I have bought and the freebies given so generously have all gone . My New Year resolution not to buy any new craft stuff still stands so I guess for the next 9 months I will be limping along.

Enjoy your weekend .

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Merry said...

Oh no, be strong Gail. Glad to hear that the computer is repairable.