Monday, October 25, 2010

good morning

I hope you all had or are still having a great weekend. My weekend has been very industrious,mixed with feelings of sadness and pleasure . In my almost 55 years I've lived in 23 houses in 3 Countries on 3 Continents as well as visiting another 50 + Countries for holidays. During this time I have gathered and collected more than enough for a whole life time.Each time we move the house has to be bigger with more rooms to store all this 'crap' ,can I say 'crap' without causing offence. Over the weekend the big clear out has begun. Boxes labelled 'Kitchen' that were packed up in 2006, I obviously don't need the contents or I would have unpacked them years ago. When did I last have a round dining table ,I'm guessing 1998,so out go the round table cloths . I'm sure most of you know what I mean so next weekend get into the loft or garage or spare rooms and make a start. All my stuff is going to the local charity shop ,books are going to the library.

You will feel better once it's finished and it means you have extra space for your craft stuff ,did I mention I won't be throwing anything away from my craft room.

Have a great week.


Merry said...

You sound like you are very busy. It's hard when you are giving your gear away but I am sure it won't take long to appreciate and fill the space. :-)

Kristina said...

What a project to tackle! You will feel better when it's finished, for sure!