Wednesday, December 2, 2009


At last. On Friday we move into our new home but not in South Australia as a previous post suggested but Tasmania.We had a crazy idea and moved back to mainland Australia in October ,we had forgotten how hot it can be, then there are the flies.Soooo many flies ,in your eyes,nose, mouth and ears ,Yuk.The dry dusty air made us both ill with hay fever / allergies.The constant buzz of the air conditioning, who needs it.We soon realised our good idea was in fact a nightmare and we high tailed it back to Tassie.

I hope when the containers arrives on Friday with all our belongings that my Mojo is in there cos after this break from crafting it make take a while to get inspired. I will be showing other things on my blog such as bags , angels and some sewing projects.First up is a Birthday card for my every loving and patient husband who encourages me whatever I do.

I'm off to wait for the bank opening now cos yesterday the cash machine ate my card.

Thanks for dropping in, have a good day.

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