Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weekend in Melbourne

I have just spent 3 days in Melbourne with my lovely husband Steve. I often watch Millionaire Hot Seat on TV, two weeks ago I correctly answered all the questions and would have won 250K. Time for action, no more couch junkie. I answered questions online and was successfully through to the next round. Round two was a trip to Melbourne where a further 30 questions had to be answered ( don't worry you don't have to get them all right ). A questionnaire and you're almost done ,then the scary bit where you sit in front of the camera and talk for 2 minutes.Who knows if I will be chosen ,the next two weeks will tell. I'll let you know what happens.

If nothing else the trip gave us the chance to indulge in food we don't get in Tasmania. Asian crispy skinned duck and chicken ,red cooked pork and a very good goat curry which we had in a small Bangladeshi restaurant.

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