Monday, September 13, 2010

A couple of easy cards

365 Cards - day 195 -This or That- Make a card that could be used for more than one occasion.You could not have a sentiment and that would make it easy ,I've picked this sentiment for the outside,inside you could put 'On your birthday' or 'At this sad time'.

365 Cards -day 192 - Wild West- I always show you my efforts ,good or bad.I'm looking at this one now and thinking of ways to improve it.In my stash I have lots of star shaped brads in gold and silver which I could have painted and put on the boot and also in the corners .Back to the craft room.


Merry said...

Your first card is lovely and amazing you could really use it for both events. Love how you have the ribbon on the side. I think the star brads would really finish off your second nicely.

Pam said...

Wonderful cards - your This or That card will definitely work for more than one occasion and I love that beautiful floral background!

Stefanie said...

I love your "this or that" card. Ok, I have to admit that purple is one of my favourite colours :) And your wild west card looks like so much fun. But, you know, there can't be enough stars on a card ;)

Greets, Stefanie

annieambriel said...

lovely,I love both your cards. The first.. so fresh and beautiful. Love the colours.
The second.. love all those tags... so fun!